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Bought a new perc for my piece today

Can wait till it arrives!

The Most overused Family question

Family Member: So when do I meet your girlfriend?

Me: What girlfriend?

Family Member: I saw a picture of you on Facebook touching a girl's shoulder? What's her name?

Me: ...

Fun fact

Pictures of my tumblr appear black & white but they are not saturated (and strangely only works when viewed in google chrome)

You can create the same thing by typing a couple lines of code in your theme

It MUST be typed after the line in your code that says 
<style type=”text/css”>

(You can change the number values to whatever you want….)


2,800 Followers. Dope


Today I met a girl who is a total masochist… So weird
Insulted the shit out her and she was turned on by it… Learning Experience 

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